Sunday, November 18, 2012

Social Bookmarking Service - $5

Cheap SEO Bookmarking Services
Bookmarking services are great for fast indexing and boosting the web traffic for a time period (usually 3-7 days). So, many SEO practitioners are using (buying) bookmarking services weekly to ensure a countinously social media presence and get high quantity and quality of traffic.

When to use manual bookmarking services?

First reason is to get your web pages fast indexed, and the second is to get more (boost) traffic. But these are the greatest SEO services when you are using them in some conditions:
- get backlinks from Top 5 or Top 7 social bookmarking (networking) services;
- the social profiles are older than 6 months;
- the social profiles have hundreds or thousands of followers/friends/connections;
- the social profiles have at least page rank 1;
- the social profiles are linked each other to generate Tire 2 or maybe Tire 3 social media backlinks.

 Also, I recommend only the manual bookmarking services to be used weekly, not later and not sooner (to avoid SPAM).

When to use (software) bookmarking services

When you need your pages to be fast indexed or when you want to boost your traffic (only for old pages).
You should get bookmarked your web pages to almost bookmarking websites that have at least pagerank 1 and a few with PR0 or PRna. Be carefull when you buy bookmarking services, because if it includes hundreds of PR0 bookmarking websites, then your link/webpage/website will be flagged as SPAM by the most search engines.

Where to buy?

I have some interesting bookmarking services that meet the requirements described in this article. These are manual and software social bookmarking services. But, take a look to convince yourself about my offers from: fiverr and seoclerks.
Please retain that the greatest offers and bonuses can be found on seoclerks, where sometimes my prices are getting down up to $4, $3, $2 and even $1.

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