Saturday, January 12, 2013

Content Curation Services - $5

Informations from the Internet are growing and spreading fast in any niche or micro niche. In nowadays, search engines encounter a big problem regarding the huge amount of published data: the quality of content.

The "Content is King" expression isn't a golden rule today, because it is not enough to get significant traffic from search engines. It needs "validation" (curation) regarding its quality.

How to Curate your Content?

You can achive this job via several ways. Let's describe the most important curation techiniques:

- an old (or traditional) technique evolves the work of getting backlinks from other websites (wikies, forums, blogs, bookmarks, article directories, etc). It's working yet, but you need time (weeks or months), years of experience, many knowledges and a very specific strategy;

- via TOP 5 social networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Pinterest. Of course, you can curate your fresh published content on more social networks and bookmarks, but it's a waste of time in my vision because you can get better results if you'll use fewer social websites, but with related tags, groups, pages or boards, and a high pagerank: PR10, PR9 and PR8;

- via social virality - it's my favorite curation technique! I recommend (Twitter and Pinterest) as many ReTweets plus Favorites and/or RePins plus Likes you can obtain to get the best results. Usually in 2 weeks, after you've got at least 200 retweets and favorites, you can hope to get your initial tweet in first page of Google for your main targeted keyword. Also this technique is safe for Panda and Penguin updates and you can successfully avoid Google's penalties.

- via specialized content curating social websites. Just create accounts and properly setup and link your main social networks on next websites:, nextmag,,  bundlr, etc.

- via public web2.0 blogging websites. Usually, I create niche blogs (10 - 20 articles/posts) or micro niche blogs (3 - 5 posts) for a few targeted keywords. It's a boost of ranking your website in top results of search engines.

The basics of Content Curation

In my experience I was several times shocked by a strange phenomenon: webpages with hundreds of backlinks from high PR websites got PR1, and webpages with a few tens of backlinks got PR2 and PR3 (even PR4). Why? You will understand it from my next recommendations:

- before publishing your content try to define your 3 main keywords, and take care to have at least one keyword in title, in h2 and/or h3 tags, and in anchor text;

- search, identify and share pices of your content on groups, boards, or pages that match the best your keywords;

- join your shared content with related keywords/tags/htags;

- share your content on high pr social websites;

- create virality (ReTweets and RePins) for your shared content;

- curate (share) your content via old and huge social accounts. For example my social profiles are a few years old and have hundreds or thousands of followers, friends, fans and connections.

- link your social profiles to automatically generate re-shares from a social network to other (i.e share in Pinterest, that reshare in Twitter, which reshare on your Facebook profile and a fan page).

What to avoid?

Before buying a Content Curation Service try to ask/research the procedure: what techniques are used, the pagerank and categories of websites, the age and the volume of social accounts, etc. Also, if you want to buy cheap, but high quality content curation services, you can take a look at my curation services from fiverr, seoclerks and fivesquids. I'm not saying my services are the best on the planet, I'm asking you to start a research among thousands of content curation services!

Tunning the Content Curation with Virality

It can help your webpage to go on first 3, 2 or maybe 1st page of Google for a specidic keyword. Also, try to retain that you can buy even thousands of reshares/repins at a few dollars, but this doesn't means your content will go to Google's first page for a targeted keyword. In the most cases a single reason prevents your content to be considered curated and "viral" by search engines: the social accounts which reshared your content are bots, not from real people.

You can't cheat search engines against bots. These looks at every detail of a social account: the date of creation, profile pictures, activities, connections, followers, etc.

So, play fair to avoid troubles.

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